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Advanced Porsche Repair & Maintenance Services

Since they began crafting vehicles in 1937, Porsche has been among the top luxury sports vehicle manufacturers in the world. Known for their Flat-6 engines and responsible for popular models such as the 911 and Cayenne, the brand continuously showcases what high level German automotive engineering can accomplish. Due to their unique design, a Porsche cannot go through a regular repair or maintenance service and perform at its best. It must utilize a specific set of resources in order for it to achieve top performance, and that’s where Precision Imports comes in.

At Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, we’ll have the brand-specific resources needed to have your Porsche performing at its best. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors utilize advanced tools and service techniques in order to ensure your Porsche operates at the level the brand expects it to. Whether you own an air-cooled or water-cooled engine, we’ll know how to handle any Porsche that visits our shop!

High-Quality Auto Care

When you visit Precision Imports, you’re guaranteed a high-quality, personalized auto care experience. We take pride in the work we do, and we’re not afraid to go the extra mile for our customers. This all begins with our service advisors. Professionally trained, they’ll be able to provide you with an affordable, personalized auto plan based on your vehicle’s make, model, condition, and your personal concerns, while keeping Porsche’s auto service guidelines in mind.

When this plan is approved by you (we don’t begin until it is), we hand your Porsche over to our technicians. ASE Master Certified, they’ll utilize dealership level tools and service techniques in order for your vehicle to perform at its best. During the service, feel free to spend some time with us! We have a fully stocked waiting room and free wifi so your wait is comfortable and convenient. Once our technicians are finished, you’ll meet with our service advisors one last time. They’ll give you a step-by-step breakdown of the services performed, all in a manner that makes the most sense to you!

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If you’re ready for premium auto care, make sure you visit Precision Imports in Manchester, NH. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors utilize high-quality tools and service techniques to ensure your Porsche performs at its best. Give us a call at 603-624-1113 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and have questions about our brand-specific repair and maintenance services? Stop by our shop at 183 Faltin Drive and see what we can do for you!