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Small Light, Big Role

Despite its ambiguous nature, the check engine light plays an important role in the overall health of your vehicle. It works by utilizing sensors found throughout the vehicle. These sensors regularly assess your vehicle’s condition and if something goes wrong, will send a signal to the vehicle’s computer system. Once the computer system recognizes the problem, that is when the check engine light is triggered. The great thing about the light is that it is normally triggered well before something bad actually happens. Despite that, many people still get infuriated by the light due to its inability to inform the driver what exactly is wrong. That’s where Precision Imports can help.

At Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, we’ll be able to quickly assess the problem and provide your vehicle with the repair it needs. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors utilize the latest diagnostic tools and service techniques to properly care for your vehicle. Whether it’s a bad spark plug or a dead battery, our team will handle any problem your vehicle may have!

What Triggered It?

The most frustrating thing about the check engine light is its inability to inform drivers what specifically is wrong with their vehicles. The best way to determine the cause of the light is to visit our shop, but we also understand that life can get in the way. With that said, there are a few things you can check for when the check engine light is triggered. Wondering what some of these causes are? Well, Precision Imports is here to help you. Here are three common causes for your check engine light to go off!

Loose Gas Cap

This is the ideal scenario if your check engine light goes off and it should be the first thing you check for. If this is the case, simply tighten the gas cap or purchase a new one from an auto parts store. Make sure to stay patient with your vehicle, as it takes a couple miles for your vehicle’s computer system to recognize the adjustment you made! Pretty simple fix!

Old Spark Plugs

The spark plugs are what’s responsible for igniting the air/fuel mixture in your vehicle’s combustion chamber. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to start your car. You’ll notice that bad spark plugs are the culprit when you have a difficult time starting your vehicle and you experience a reduction in overall performance and fuel economy. In this situation, it’s best to visit our shop as soon as possible. We’ll be able to quickly determine the problem and if it is worn spark plugs, we’ll quickly switch them out!

Bad O2 Sensor

Another common cause for the check engine light, the O2 sensor is responsible for measuring the amount of unburned oxygen in your vehicle’s exhaust system. If left unattended, your vehicle could burn more fuel than it needs to and it can cause additional damage to other parts like the spark plugs and catalytic converter. In this situation, it’s hard to determine when the O2 sensor is malfunctioning so it’s best to bring your vehicle into our shop for an inspection!

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If you notice your vehicle’s check engine light is triggered, make sure you visit Precision Imports in Manchester, NH. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors will quickly determine the cause for the light and perform the repairs needed for the light to go away! Give us a call at 603-624-1113 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and have questions about how we scan the vehicle’s computer system? Stop by our shop at 183 Faltin Drive and see what we can do for you!