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Importance of alignments 

With spring, comes pot holes.  It does not take much to put your vehicle out of alignment.  When a vehicle is out of alignment it can wear tires excessively and with the price of tires we understand that people want to get the longest life out of them.  When a vehicle is not tracking properly […]

Ragged Mountain

Ski on us at Ragged Mountain Resort

Precision Imports and Ragged Mountain are excited to offer a  promotion we are running  for the month of January. From now until the end of the month when you come in and spend over $199, we will give you one free lift ticket voucher to ski at Ragged Mountain (A $79 dollar value). Ragged is located […]

NH State Inspection

NH state inspections UNION LEADER   Bill would change auto inspection to every two years By GARRY RAYNO   CONCORD – Some lawmakers believe auto safety inspections should only be done every two years, but auto service industry representatives and state officials disagree.   Under House Bill 387, vehicles would only to be inspected every […]

NH Auto-Show

2nd Annual NH Auto-show Going on this week NH Auto Dealers association is putting on the 2nd annual NH Auto Show.  The show starts today 10/24/14 at noon and goes till Sunday 10/26/14.  The car show will be a great way to see what new cars are are coming out for each individual car manufacturer […]

IMS Bearing failures

Catastrophic failures of the IMS or intermediate shaft bearing leads to engine replacement It’s known that newer Porsche’s can have catastrophic failures if the IMS or intermediate shaft bearing fails. This tends to be more common in lower mileage cars that are not driven very hard. They rarely give any warning and if they fail […]

Porsche-Fest 2014

A tech event for the New England Porsche owner Porsche-fest is a day dedicated to the Porsche enthusiast.  This event will be a gathering of local shop owners and Porsche enthusiasts.  The event is being hosted by Dick Horan and Precision Imports.  Precision Import’s shop is fully equipped with all the latest tools and equipment […]