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The Right Decision -- Precision Imports

The Precision Story

The blueprint of Precision Imports was in the works well before we opened on February 1, 1980. Dick Horan, our founder, had spent a number of years running other businesses within the automotive repair industry. As those years went by, Mr. Horan discovered ways on how he could improve the quality of auto care services and the experience of his customers. Armed with his newfound knowledge, he decided to open Precision Imports.

For years, our shop was home to high-quality auto care, but it was only for foreign imports. Although this was our specialization, we also knew we could help a wider range of our community. With this in mind, Mr. Horan decided to expand the shops demographic and include domestic vehicles within his services. The increased volume of customers required us to leave our old location, and after a few moves we finally landed on our current, state-of-the-art facility at 183 Faltin Drive in 2003.

Mr. Horan eventually retired in December 2015 and his son, Patrick Horan, took over the business. Armed with the lessons he learned from his father and his own experience working as a service advisor for the business, Patrick continues the legacy his father started more than 39 years ago.

Technical Experience, Personalized Care

When you visit Precision Imports, you’ll be meeting professionals who take our craft and your experience seriously. We want to make sure you’re working with the best, and we invest in our team to ensure you have the best available to you. This begins with our professionally trained service advisors. Well-versed in our services and how they apply to a vehicle’s brand guidelines, they’ll be able to offer you the best solution for your vehicle based on factors like the current condition and your budget. When you talk to them, know that you’ll be talking with experts who truly care for your situation and will be looking for the best and most affordable situation for you!

Once our service advisors help you find the best solution, we let our technicians get to work. We ask all of our technicians to maintain their ASE Master Certification while working with us, but that’s not all. We also encourage our technicians to continue their education in the automotive industry. From training seminars to courses at a local community college, we invest in all the opportunities for our technicians to grow!

So, why do we do all this? It’s simple really: to provide you with a high-quality, personalized auto care experience . For us, that’s all that matters.

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If you’ve been searching for a high-quality auto care experience for your foreign or domestic vehicle, look no further than Precision Imports in Manchester, NH. Our ASE Master Certified technicians and professionally trained service advisors will provide you and your vehicle with the auto care you desperately deserve. Give us a call at 603-624-1113 and schedule an appointment with us today! In the area and want to meet our team? Stop by our shop at 183 Faltin Drive and see what we can do for you!