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Winterizing Your Vehicle

Staying Safe on the Road This Winter

During the cooler months, aside from looking at fall foliage and watching football, make sure to take care of your vehicle. Often, this time of year means holiday vacations with friends and family. When it gets colder, things change. Your car might need more attention to keep going. Prepping your car both inside and out for winter weather is the best way to make sure your travels are stress-free.

The Do's & Don'ts for Vehicle Winterization

Change Your Tires

You may want to change your tire sooner rather than later. Winter tires make driving on winter roads safer by reducing braking distance compared to summer tires. These tires have a special tread that gives them a better grip in snowy, muddy, and icy conditions. Even on dry roads, winter tires offer greater safety during the cold season. This is because the rubber tires remain soft even at low temperatures. The softer the tire, the better it adapts to the road surface. You may consider taking snow chains with you on any trips during the winter months. Even the best winter tires have limits especially if the road is steep or has snow or ice on it. Quality snow chains give you better traction on snow and ice and improve your handling.

Secure Extra Storage Compartments

Before your next winter trip, make sure to check your ski rack and roof box. These storage spaces provide extra room, but they also impact your safety. If they aren't secure for us, securely fastened to your vehicle, or your luggage is improperly loaded, it can lead to an accident.

Check Antifreeze and Other Fluids

Another winter tip is to fill your antifreeze. If your engine coolant freezes, you may end up damaging your engine. During an inspection, your mechanic should check if there is enough antifreeze in the coolant. If you've added water to your coolant, you may need to add more antifreeze. If your windshield wiper fluid freezes, you may end up with low road visibility. The salt on the road can block your view. To prevent this, use antifreeze in your wiper fluid. While you're checking your windshield washer fluid, you should change your wiper blades. Visibility is particularly important in the winter.

Stay Charged Up

You should also check your battery at the beginning of the winter season. During cold weather, car batteries often fail, leading to roadside breakdowns. Car batteries have a limited lifespan and need to be replaced every six years. In the fall, you can ask your mechanic to test your battery and determine if it needs replacement. You might want to invest in a car battery charger that can be plugged into a regular outlet. After a few hours, you can add more life to your battery. It will run a diagnostic test so that I can recognize if your battery is getting old.

Let Precision Imports Winterize Your Vehicle

When you're ready to winterize your car, bring it to Precision Imports in Manchester, NH. Our technicians are ASE-certified. They will winterize your vehicle, regardless of whether it's domestic, hybrid, or import. Our goal is to make auto repair and maintenance as painless as possible. You can trust our services because we offer a 36-month/36,000-mile warranty. We can help you figure out why your check engine light is on. We can also test for smog emissions and do state inspections. Plus, we can take care of all your winterizing needs. We opened in 1980 and are dedicated to offering the car repairs you need. Our shops are owned locally and run by professionals. Call us today to make an appointment for your winterization services. You'll be glad you did.

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