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Signs Your A/C Compressor Needs Replacing

Don't Make These Mistakes

If your car's AC doesn't cool well on a really hot day, you might have a faulty compressor. Insufficient cooling is a key indicator that something is wrong with your car's air conditioning system. Although it can be frustrating and annoying, most mechanics can fix compressor problems for you.

The Most Common Reasons Your Auto A/C Compressor Fails

Many customers often ask about the air condition compressor in their car's AC system. Your air conditioner compressor pushes refrigerant through the system to cool your car—cool, comfortable air. If your car's refrigeration system doesn't circulate, the AC will blow warm air instead of cool. If your air conditioner is blowing warm air and the cabin feels warmer than usual, it may be a sign of a compressor issue. You know that your system is experiencing some trouble. There are other issues, like low refrigerant levels and inconsistent air conditioning performance. Sometimes, the air conditioning performance can suddenly drop. You may find that your car is unusual. Sounds when the air conditioner is running if you have a compressor problem. The sounds in the air conditioner are a sign of mechanical problems, not refrigerant leaks. Your vehicle mate may also encounter a problem with the air conditioner's clutch getting stuck. The clutch connects to your vehicle's engine and drops power from it. The compressor only uses power when necessary. However, if the compressor clutch or pulley becomes stuck, it won't work because it won't receive power. Unfortunately, you cannot replace the clutch, and you would have to replace the entire compressor.

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