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The Importance of Maintaining Proper Brake Fluid Levels

Why Brake Fluid is Necessary

Braking technology has come a long way over the lifetime of the automotive industry. As vehicles got faster and their handling became more precise, more effective braking was necessary to make sure the driver could keep control. You use your brakes more than you might think, including to help in maneuvering and in order to maintain a safe speed. An element of the braking system that most drivers neglect is the brake fluid. The ASE Certified Technicians at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire discuss what brake fluid does and what it looks like when it fails.

How Brakes Work

Your car’s braking system has a more complicated version of the brakes that you’ll find on any bicycle. On your bike, you can easily see the brake fluid lines, in your vehicle they are under the body of the car. When you depress the brake in your vehicle, your master cylinder releases brake fluid into the system to create pressure that goes through the brake fluid lines and transfers to the brakes. What this means is that a small motion with your foot depressing the brake pedal, by transferring through the pressure of the fluid, has a greater effect on the brakes. That’s why brake fluid pressure is so important, so that your brake fluid system can transfer power effectively. It also has the added benefit of being a lubricant for the vital brake parts inside your brake caliper.

If you have a leak in your brake fluid lines, or your fluid pressure is low for another reason, you will start to feel reduced braking power. Maybe the brake pedal feels less responsive, like it has a spongy effect when you put your foot down on it. That means it is not effectively transferring power. Maybe you notice that you are having to start braking sooner and sooner if you expect to stop before the red light. If your brakes are less effective, you cannot properly control your vehicle and should have it serviced before you drive it again.

Expert Brake Repair in Manchester, New Hampshire

There’s no rhyme or reason to why brake fluid leaks develop, except that the material the lines are made out of are victim to regular wear and tear. Rubber degrades and steel rusts and those are the main two materials used in brake fluid lines. The best way to prevent unexpected brake issues is to have them checked regularly. Call the expert technicians at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire at [as_phone] today to schedule an appointment to have your brakes checked. This offers an opportunity to search out any developing repairs before they actually begin affecting your vehicle’s performance.

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