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How to Prevent and Fix Limp Mode

Handle Limple Mode Like a Pro

Imagine this: you're driving to work when your car's transmission starts to act up. All of a sudden, the check engine light pops on, signifying there's a problem. While this is happening, your vehicle suddenly shifts into second or third gear and stays there. Your car has just entered "limp" mode.

But what exactly is limp mode and what causes it? The automotive repair professionals at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire are here to help.

What is Limp Mode?

Limp mode is your vehicle’s idea of self-preservation. It will go into this mode when it detects transmission issues, such as abnormal readings or misfiring. When this happens, your car will turn off its extra features, including the air conditioning and radio, so it can preserve precious energy. Furthermore, the vehcile will stay in one gear.

Symptoms of Limp Mode

Some telltale signs that your vehicle is in limp mode include:

  • Limited speed
  • Bad performance
  • An illuminated check engine light

Common Causes of Limp Mode

A vehicle can enter into limp mode for a number of resons, including:

  • Low fluid levels
  • A faulty transmission or clutch
  • Sensor malfunction
  • Bad wiring

How to Solve Your Limp Mode Problem

If your vehicle is in limp mode, it’s critical to take it to a certified mechanic right away. If this happens when you’re behind the wheel, park your car in a safe location as soon as possible. Once you’re secure, have your vehicle towed to a nearby service station.

At Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, our auto repair experts can efficiently inspect, diagnose, and repair your vehicle to ensure it’s running smoothly once again.

While limp mode is your car’s way of helping itself, it can be a major headache and hassle for you. The best way to prevent this issue from reoccurring is to get your vehicle fixed by a qualified professional. Contact Precision Imports today by calling us at [as_phone]. We can quickly resolve the problem and keep your car running at its best for longer. We look forward to seeing you soon.

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