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Are Directional Tires Right for You?

Directional Tires 101

With so many different tire tread options available, you may be wondering which one is best for your car. There are three main tread patterns found on tires, including symmetrical, asymmetrical, and directional. While all of these tread patterns may initially appear the same, there are vast differences between them. Luckily, the tire repair experts at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, are here to explain if directional tires are a great fit for your vehicle.

What are Directional Tires?

Directional tires, also called unidrectional tires, have a tread pattern that is designed to move in one direction. When you closely inspect these types of tires, you'll notice that the lateral grooves on the tread all face down and forward. The channels on either side of the treads look like two waterfalls coming together from opposite sides, like the shape of a "Y".

This feature doesn't prevent directional tires from driving in reverse. Rather, it refers to the direction these tires need to be mounted in relation to your vehicle. Directional tires are best suited for high-performance cars that travel at high speeds.

The Perks

There are a couple of benefits that come with using directional tires. These include:

  • Superior Wet Traction: Directional tires have great resistance to hydroplaning. They give you the most traction during wet road conditions.
  • Better Handling: For amazing handling at higher speeds, directional tires are the way to go. In fact, most race cars are outfitted with directional tires for that exact reason.
  • Fuel Efficiency: You'll enjoy maximum fuel efficiency with directional tires.

The Drawbacks

The biggest drawback of using directional tires is that they can only be rotated from front to back. This gives them a shorter lifespan than normal tires. In order to get the most out of directional tires, they need to be maintained by a tire repair expert, such as the ASE Certified Mechanics at Precision Imports.

Are Directional Tires Right for You?

If you drive a high-performance vehicle and want superb handling, consider getting directional tires. To have tires properly mounted and maintained, make an appointment with the tire repair professionals at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire today. Contact us now by calling [as_phone] to schedule your appointment.

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