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Volkswagen or Funwagon? - Precision Imports

When you're in the market for a new vehicle, a Volkswagen is certainly a major contender for consideration. For many, however, the beloved VW line is much more than just another manufacturer's brand. Interestingly, the VW line has longevity that spans multiple generations and cultures. For some of us of a certain unmentionable age, the "Herbie" movies, featuring the iconic #53 Beetle with racing stripes, conjure up favorite childhood memories of a drive-in theater. Those just a bit older may have made some memories they don't care to discuss publicly while touring around in a "Hippie Bus" (aka Volkswagen van). Yet younger generations have had their own taste of VW greatness with the re-release of the retro line of cars on American soil. Whether you like the old style traditional vehicles or the modern cars known for their performance and reliability (Jetta, Passat, etc.), a Volkswagen is endearing to a lot of people. Nobody appreciates your love of VW's more than Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire.

Travel Trivia

Did you know . . . ? Although it became a fun and/or luxurious car, Volkswagen started in Germany as an inexpensive basic mode of transportation dubbed "The People's Car" during the Nazi regime. A number of this manufacturer's products are named for winds. (Example: The Golf is the German equivalent of "gulf," as in the gulf winds.) Volkswagen now owns multiple other luxury lines, including Porsche, Audi, Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti, and Ducati. While some of the older VW's are perceived as being capable of only low to moderate speeds, the Bugatti, which is owned/produced by Volkswagen, actually is one of the fastest cars available today. Volkswagen, inclusive of all its brand lines, is the largest vehicle company in the world, employing 600,000 individuals across the globe.

Keeping the Fun In Your Ride

Regardless of which VW product you choose, you want it to run well and provide reliable, safe transportation for you and your passengers. Even the best memories or an advantage in a trivia competition won't help you much when you're stranded beside the road. The solution? Have it all! Enjoy your auto, its rich history, and making new memories, but keep it well maintained and in good repair by bringing it to Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire. We'll keep your car running, swap a few stories with you, and put the fun back into your VW ride.

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