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Common Check Engine Light Causes

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When your vehicle's check engine light comes on, your first question might be, "What could that be?" After all, depending upon the make and model of your car, you see only those two little words or nothing more than a simple engine icon. Although it is a single simple light, you shouldn't ignore it. Failure to address the root cause can result in more extensive problems and more expensive repairs. Also, your auto won't pass the annual New Hampshire inspection until the underlying issue is fixed. The best way to identify the problem and get it repaired efficiently is to bring your vehicle to Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire.

One Light, Many Possible Causes

Although the check engine light is often confusing to drivers because it can be caused by so many things, our ASE Master certified technicians have noticed some common triggers. One of the most frequently seen sources of trouble is a faulty oxygen sensor. This measures the amount of unburned oxygen in the exhaust. A bad oxygen sensor reduces fuel efficiency and can damage spark plugs and the catalytic converter if left unaddressed. Surprisingly, another often observed issue is a loose or damaged gas cap. If the cap fits poorly, it can allow your fuel to leak or evaporate as well as trigger the warning. The catalytic converter, which converts carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide, can also cause the check engine light to come on if it malfunctions. It can also lead to poor engine performance, poor gas mileage, and an increase in engine temperature. The mass airflow sensor measures the amount of air going into the engine to ensure that the proper amount of fuel is added for combustion. If it goes bad, the warning is triggered and mileage/performance suffers. If not repaired, it can eventually lead to spark, oxygen sensor, or catalytic converter damage. Finally, old spark plugs or worn spark plug wires can be a problem. These are necessary for igniting the fuel-air mixture in the cylinders. If these need replacing, performance and economy suffer. It can also lead to damaged oxygen sensors, ignition coils, and catalytic converter.

So Many Possible Causes, One Reliable Shop to Fix It

If you're concerned or confused about your car's check engine light, bring it to Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire. Our experts will connect your vehicle to an OBD-II reader, obtaining a trouble code that indicates the general area of the problem. They will then use their experience to identify the specific cause within that general area. This will allow them to make an efficient repair, ridding you of the check engine light and giving you peace of mind. So even though many problems can trigger the check engine warning, there's one place to go to ensure your ride is repaired soon.

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