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How Can You Tell When a Tire Is Safe to Repair or When It Needs to Be Replaced

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Nothing deflates your mood like a flat or leaking tire. And, of course, there's never a good time to have one. You're in a hurry, you're on a road trip, or it's pouring rain. So when your tire pressure goes down, you want to have it fixed quickly. While we certainly understand that, we want to ensure that your tire can be safely repaired. If it cannot, you should replace it. At Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, we can help you assess the true situation regarding your tire. If it's advisable to make a repair, we can assist you with that. If not, we'll be honest with you about that, too.

Making a Decision About The Tire

There are multiple factors to consider when deciding whether to attempt a tire repair or purchase a new one. For instance, think in terms of tread wear. You shouldn't try to repair a punctured tire that has less than 2/32" (2mm) of remaining tread. Also, the size and location of the damaged area matters. Usually, it is safe to fix a puncture that doesn't exceed 1/4" if it is located in the tread pattern. You should not, however, try to repair a larger breach or a hole in or near a sidewall. Finally, pay attention to the overall tire condition. It should not show excessive wear indicators such as cracked sidewalls or exposed cords/belts. Further, if it were driven flat, the tire's condition could be compromised. If your tires are rated for high speed, be aware that some manufacturers do not guarantee the speed rating if the tire has been damaged and repaired.

Picking a Repair Shop

One of the most important elements of tire repair is the integrity of the shop you choose to handle the tire. Fast fixes such as a simple plug inserted from the outside (without any interior work) or using a can of tire sealer are only temporary emergency fixes such as a driver might use if stranded beside the road without nearby assistance. Adequate tire repair that is lasting and safe begins by taking the tire off the rim for repair. Then the affected area should be fixed from both the inside and outside. This is most commonly done with a mushroom-shaped patch (inside) and a plug (outside) to seal the air chamber and fill the breach. To make sure your tire is safe and properly repaired, let the experts at Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire, help you. Even though you hate flat tires, you'll love our service!

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