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5 Signs You May Need New Brakes

New Hampshire Roads Demand More From Your Brakes

Mountains and rolling hills are a part of the beautiful scenery in New Hampshire. Unfortunately, as the service technicians at Precision Imports can tell you, that beautiful landscape can wreak havoc on your brakes. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain your braking system and bring it in at the first sign of wear or damage. If you are experiencing any of the following five problems, then consider getting your car in for a brake repair sooner rather than later.

Brake Fade

Have you noticed that your vehicle is taking longer to come to a complete stop than it used to? If so, you may be experiencing brake fade. Typically, this problem occurs after the continuous use of braking over long distances, as is typical in hilly regions of the country. Essentially, what has happened is the friction that once existed between the pads, and the rotors have diminished, creating the need for new pads.

Nose Pulls to One Side

Brakes naturally do not wear out at the same rate. However, if you notice that your car is pulling more to one side than the other, it is time to replace the brakes. If you do not perform this necessary replacement, then you risk damaging the steering rack and throwing your car out of alignment.

Brake Pedal Vibrates

If you are experiencing vibrating in your brake pedal, it may result from the glazing or the uneven distribution of binding resin over the disc. Unfortunately, glazing can mean a brake repair is necessary.

Rattling Noises

Rattling noises often indicate that the brake pads are loose in their housing. This loosening can be the result of a damaged piece of hardware. It is best to take your vehicle in to have it assessed for possible damage.

Squealing Noises

If you hear a squealing noise while out driving, it could be the wear indicators. These devices are little metal tabs that grind against the rotor when brake pads are in danger of eroding. Therefore, if you hear this noise, then get to a shop ASAP. While there are many elements of a vehicle that do not require immediate attention at the first sign of damage, brakes are not one of them. If you have a suspicion that anything is wrong with your breaks, then contact Precision Imports and schedule an inspection and possible brake repair.

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