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Save Money With Tire Patches

How It Works

Hit a nail? You might not have to pay for an expensive tire replacement! Precision Imports in Manchester, New Hampshire can provide tire patches to repair minor damage, but only in some cases. Use this guide to help you decide if your tire qualifies for repair, or if you’ll need to shell out for a full replacement.

Tire Condition

Before we consider patching a puncture, we want to make sure the tire is in good condition. The tread should meet the minimum level of thickness required by safety standards. To check your tread at home, use the penny test -- insert a penny head first into the tread. If you can see Lincoln’s head, your tread is too low and you’ll need a replacement. Carry out the test on all four tires to find out if you’ll need a whole set!

Puncture Area

You’ll never know if you are going to hit a nail or screw on your next drive. All you can hope is that the object lands within the tread area on the tire! Punctures outside of the tread, like on the sidewall of the tire, cannot be safely repaired because the tire’s integrity is compromised. Unfortunately, you’ll need to get a replacement.

Air Pressure

If you get a nail in your tire, don’t rush to remove it! Doing so could allow a lot of air to escape and you’ll be stuck with a flat tire. If you can, make your way to our shop first so our technicians can take a look. If the tire hasn’t lost significant air pressure, it’s still a candidate for repair. If you drive on a tire that’s low, you damage the structural integrity.

Size of Puncture

Our technicians will want to see how big the damage is before repairing the tire. You may have noticed that we have only used the word “puncture” so far. That’s because anything larger than a small hole can’t be patched. Gashes, tears, cuts, and everything else end a tire’s life. Did you make it this far? Congratulations! Your tire qualifies for repair at Precision Imports! Visit our shop in Manchester, New Hampshire to get a quick, affordable patch and get back on the road safely. If your tire doesn’t meet these standards for repair, don’t worry. We can still help you find a budget-friendly replacement!

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